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100% Cyber Safe

Money Transfers.


The only business money transfer system that guarantees your money will never end up in a criminals bank account.


The National Crime Agency says that in 2022 there are over 4,500 organised criminal groups actively involved in financial fraud in the UK


Around 43% of UK companies surveyed by Kroll reported experiencing fraud in the past year, with an average loss of £276,000.


The authoritative benchmark Annual Fraud Indicator report demonstrates the vast scale of financial fraud estimated at around £187 billion each year.

Where marketing & automation intersect.

Witness The Death Of Financial Fraud

It used to be that every financial transfer was like a leap of faith, a nerve-wracking journey into the unknown, with the constant worry of your funds not reaching their intended destination. But now you can have certainty, the money will always get to the right account as its impossible to go anywhere else.

Stop The Doubt And Uncertainty

Do you have that uncertain feeling, that constant unease, the relentless doubt that haunts your every transaction. When you hit send, you cross your fingers and hope this won’t be the one that gets stolen.

Distributed Approvals

Distributing the approval process between the senders and receivers increases the levels of security every transaction has. No money can be sent without all sides agreeing.
Complex approvals can be created to manage all types of scenarios. One person per level must approve (or deny) before the transaction completes. Simply create your approval groups using the app.

Immutably Unchangeable

Once data is entered it’s immutable, meaning it can never be changed and from the moment you enter the first data all the way though to making the money transfers requires unanimous approval by all parties involved.