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Eliminate Payment Diversion Fraud:

With Automated, AI Secured, Smart Invoicing and Bank Verifications.


The National Crime Agency says that in 2022 there were over 4,500 organised criminal groups actively involved in financial fraud in the UK


Around 43% of UK companies surveyed by Kroll reported experiencing fraud in the past year, with an average loss of £276,000.


The authoritative benchmark Annual Fraud Indicator report demonstrates the vast scale of financial fraud estimated at around £187 billion each year.

Don’t Just Detect Fraud, Prevent It.

Our fully automated system is designed to put a complete stop to financial fraud by effectively blocking every known threat including Payment Diversion Fraud, Business Email Compromise, various types of impersonations such as (C Level Executive, Employee, Client, Supplier, Invoice, Email and Website), Deepfakes, Phone Spoofing, and even human error.

Additionally, it stops insider financial crime caused by coercion, blackmail, and kidnapping. Secure your financial operations and ensure peace of mind with our guaranteed fraud prevention solution.

Private Connection

When both the sender and receiver go through the approval process, a private connection is created between them allowing documents to be sent. This guarantees that every document you receive is legitimate, as it can only come from businesses you’ve approved.

Distributed Approvals

Approvals are required to establish a private connection, and for any subsequent changes. They’re distributed across multiple people on both sides of the connection which exponentially increases security. To divert a company’s money, you would have to hack both companies, along with everyone involved, and do it simultaneously.

AI Surveillance

Cutting-edge, Multi-Level AI, analyses every document for accuracy, alteration or unusual financial patterns, dates or other changes. This eliminates human error or exploits used by fraudsters. These detailed checks and verifications eliminate the risk of security breaches and ensures the integrity of every transaction.

Immutable Data

Once your invoices are accepted, they become immutable. This means that from the moment you send them they are forever cryptographically unchangeable. Nothing can be altered or changed without unanimous approval by all parties involved.

Hackers Are More Interested In Your Money Than Your Data.

Your money is their prime target, it’s not your data. With 90% of financial crimes originating from compromised emails, hackers are increasingly using this method to covertly alter banking information. To counteract their tactics, we never use email to transmit any financial documents, opting instead for our immutable secure network

By the Time You Notice Financial Hacking, It’s Already Too Late

When you pay an invoice, you never know if the bank details are correct, they could’ve been changed by a hacker, a member of staff who’s been manipulated or deceived, a security person, a cleaner or a disgruntled employee. Even violence, extortion or kidnap can be used to force people into changing bank details.

To make matters worse, this affects all computer systems, including all banks and all accounting systems, and when the details are changed, you’ll never know as there is no Distributed Approval process in any of them.

But, with AssuredTransfer nothing can be added, changed, or initiated without everyone’s unanimous approval. Everyone involved in the transaction is aware of every change and can see exactly what’s entered, so now it can be stopped before it even starts.

The Future Of Secure Invoicing With Cutting-Edge AI Technology.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our system automates and enhances the accuracy of invoice processing. This not only eliminates human errors but also closes the gaps exploited by fraudsters. By conducting detailed checks and verifying the legitimacy of all parties involved, our system drastically reduces the risk of security breaches and ensures the integrity of every transaction.

Reduce Operational Costs

A significant advantage of automating manual invoice verification, is the elimination of the time and effort usually spent manually confirming the accuracy of banking data. This translates directly into instant cost savings, reducing the need for extensive manpower and eradicating the risks of fraud and other costly errors. Your business can redirect these resources towards growth and innovation, rather than tedious, error-prone security checks.

Seamless AI Monitoring Eliminates the Need for Manual Checks

Our system harnesses advanced AI to eliminate the need for manual invoice checks, traditionally a weak spot for fraud. In our environment, every invoice is locked in by mutual agreement before any transaction proceeds, ensuring no unauthorised changes can occur.
This immutable setup means once an invoice is created and approved, it cannot be altered—erasing the common fraud tactic of invoice tampering. The AI does all the heavy lifting, continuously monitoring and verifying details, freeing your team from the burden of manual oversight. With these safeguards, our system ensures complete security and integrity of every transaction, making fraud virtually impossible.